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O Christmas tree, how beautiful are thy Christmas socks

At Many Mornings, we are always looking forward to the magical time of Christmas. And what is the waiting time until Christmas called? Advent! Cookies are baked, mulled wine is drunk and Christmas socks are taken out from the back of the closet. The pre-Christmas days are just as full of traditions as the festival at the end of December itself. Instead of spicing up your outfit with an ugly Christmas sweater that usually scratches your neck, it’s much more cozy to wear winter socks. The many Christmas designs not only put you in a good mood, but also ensure friendly laughs and a nice atmosphere. Christmas socks are a perfect layer on your feet, when you’re busy running around the house, doing final preparations a few days before Christmas Eve. You don’t want to step on a Christmas ornament barefoot! Of course you can’t forget last minute shopping for gifts and the Christmas tree. A lumberjack can help us with the latter, and will ensure that a perfect tree ends up standing in our home.

Decorate with socks for Christmas

Anyone who thinks that only their own four walls need to be decorated is mistaken. Because gifts are best packed a few days before Christmas Eve if the outfit is right. Christmas socks already make an early appearance and get use in the festive spirit! There’s no time to rest or be a lazy sloth when Christmas is concerned. You’ll burn as many calories running with tinsel around your Christmas tree as you would riding a bicycle. But don’t worry, you’ll gain all those calories back during Christmas dinner, with lots of Turkey, Yorkshire pudding and roasted potatoes! Decorated home, decorated table, all that’s left to do is to decorate your toes with Christmas socks !

You don’t throw Christmas socks out the window!

A Swedish furniture store has brought us closer to a Scandinavian tradition, which we only recommend to take part in, in Christmas socks! What is it? In the north of Europe, the fir trees are often thrown out of the window when they have reached the end of their days. It’s a fun spectacle, but not an ecological solution. Whoever wears our plant socks or loves eco-socks, will prefer the sustainability of high-quality stockings. Christmas socks work like a potted Christmas tree and you’d be surprised how many small gifts they can fit inside. You can look forward to them like new every year and they make the perfect home decoration! And if you are in a Christmasy mood after December you can take them out again and use them for a different purpose. You really don’t have to throw them out of the window, just put them on your feet!

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