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Recognize a tourist by his sandals and beach socks

You probably know the famous quote “I saw Cady Heron wearing beach socks and flip-flops? So I bought beach socks and flip-flops.” Well… something like that. You probably also know how the classic tourist looks. Map in their hand, sunburn on their nose and on their feet? Beach socks and sandals of course. That’s one way to stand out from the crowd. No need to worry though, at Many Mornings we heard that an uneven sock tan is this year’s number 1 summer trend! Socks for vans are not the only accessory enjoyed by young adults these days. You can see many young people wearing beach socks with Adidas sliders or Birkenstock sandals. So whatever your age, no matter your destination don’t forget to pack blue beach socks on your summer holiday.

Go to the beach bar only in beach socks!

What do you wear for an evening of samba or rumba when you stop at a nice beach bar on the promenade? With colorful summer socks you will be able to move your legs like an expert on the dance floor. For the gentlemen, we highly recommend wearing long socks with short shorts. And if you are on a beach holiday for more than 1 day, you’ll definitely need more than just beach socks. The bright, eye-catching Paradise Parrot will also work well and catch the attention of passerby. We believe there is nothing more exotic to move your feet in the sand, to the rhythm of the music. After a romantic salsa, you should grab a refreshing Cuba Libre or Mojito. Is that Havana? No, that’s Many Mornings – every morning that starts in beach socks brings back a breeze of summer memories!