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We started the mornings of 2021 together by helping.

We always take the first steps of each day towards social responsibility. Will you go step by step with us on the way to a better tomorrow?

Let’s start!
January 31

We donated 16,000€ to WOŚP, the biggest non-profit charity organization in Poland raising money for pediatric and elderly care.

February 1-28

Thanks to our cooperation with the Sarigato Foundation, 5% of the proceeds from our dog and cat socks went, and still goes to helping animal shelters in need.

March 8

In support of Women’s Day, we donated 1,750€ to the Kosmos dla Dziewczynek foundation, which encourages women empowerment.

March 21

In support of World Down Syndrome day, we raised approx. 10 000€, established a cooperation with Down Syndrome International, joined the #LotsOfSocks movement and created a social campaign “What’s without a match here is only one chromosome”

April 22

In support of Earth Day, we added honey plant seeds to orders, hence acting for biodiversity. We also implemented new poly mailers that are made from 80% post-consumer recycled plastic and are Blue Angel certified.

May 15

We donated over 2,000€ to the “Po drugie” Foundation to build a home for young mothers that are separated from their children while living in halfway houses.

May 26

We donated 2,000 pairs of socks to the “Dr. Clown” Foundation in support of mothers who spent this year’s Mother’s Day in hospitals.

June 1-30

In support of Pride Month, We donated 3025€ from the sales of our Over the Rainbow socks to organizations like Stonewall Group, that work on a daily basis for the LGBT+ community in Poland, a country governed by heteronormativity.

July 19

Based on our new Raccoon Bandit sock design, we organized the Raccoon Cleanup challenge. The social media initiative engaged companies and hundreds of private individuals and encouraged them to clean up their surrounding environment. 

August 1-30

As part of our annual Many Walks campaign, we partnered with 7 pet shelters in Germany and Poland to support animals, and donated over 2,000 pairs of socks to volunteers. 5% of the proceeds in August from our pet sock models and an additional 500€ donation supported pet shelters in Germany. In Poland, ongoing annual support in partnership with Sarigoto Foundation’s Karmimy Psiaki campaign has raised almost 2000€.

September 1-30

As part of our Back to School campaign, in order to provide equal educational opportunities for children in Poland and in Germany, together with our partners we financed 300 school backpacks.

October 1-31

To raise awareness about Breast Cancer we financed breast ultrasounds for more than 50 women at Many Mornings and encouraged others to also take care of themselves and get checked.

November 28-December 8

Thanks to our Doctor Monkey campaign and our cooperation with Fundacja Dr Clown, 1300 sock monkeys were sewn and donated to children who have to spend the Christmas season in pediatric hospitals and specialist institutions.

December 11-12

Thanks to our Many Good Deeds fundraiser, we were able to do a good deed during the Christmas season and give back! Whoever placed an order during December 11-12 was able to choose which NGO 10% of their purchase would be donated to. In total we raised 6072€. Internationally we donated 2585€ to SOS-Kinderdorf, Sea-Watch, Viva con Agua, Deutsche Umwelthilfe and Tierheim Berlin.

December 20

We donated 3 250€ to Fundacja Dobrych Inicjatyw to make the dark December days of lonely senior citizens in Poland a little bit brighter.

100 packages with food, cosmetics, sweets and basic necessities made their way down the chimneys, to reach seniors this Christmas as part of the #paczkadlaseniora (package for seniors) campaign.

In 2021 we:

Supported 46 NGO’s

Donated 18 745 pairs of socks

Donated 46 675€

Thanks to you, we are constantly developing our SHARE A PAIR! program. Follow our activities and let us know what is really important to you.

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