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Every day, every morning, and with each new model, we give someone a reason to smile.

See how much good we managed to do in 2020!


21.01 We sewed sock monkeys for charity at the Healthy Senior Center with the Mayor of Łódź, Hanna Zdanowska


12.01 We handed out over 3000 pairs of socks at the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity


27.02 Thanks to our support of the Foundation for the Promotion of Art "Niezła Sztuka", the project "Museum in the Secondary School" was successfully implemented. In six schools in Lodz, an exhibition of 10 prints of paintings by the greatest Polish painters was created


21.03 On the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day, we donated 21% of our income over the span of several days to organizations supporting the care of people with trisomy 21

23.03 In cooperation with the "Gandalf" bookstore, we took part in the action "Share a book with a senior citizen". We added our The Book Story socks to a donation of over 150 books. This gave cultural access to seniors who would otherwise have no access to libraries during the lockdown



15.04 We supported Coronavirus Relief Fund created by Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity by donating 50% of the sales of our Dr Sock model


05.05 We continued supporting Coronavirus Relief Fund created by Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity by donating 50% of the sales of our Dr Sock model


1.07 We started cooperation with Karmimy Psiaki - we allocated 5% of the sales of our animal model socks to support the activities of the Sarigato Foundation


30.07 Start of our monthly "Many Walks" campaign - for taking a shelter dog on a walk participants received a pair of socks


29.10 We supported (All-Poland Women's Strike) OSK and Abortion Dream Team as well as the Dziewuchy Dziewuchom Foundation and the Łódzkie Dziewuchy Dziewuchom Association. All income from the sale of the Simply The Breast model in October and November (PLN 90,628.88) was donated to organizations supporting the fight for women's rights


27.08 Front to School campaign - we prepared 100 school kits for children. Additionally, for each pair of kids socks we sold, we donated a second pair to those in need


11.12 We distributed 800 sock monkeys in cooperation with the “Dr. Clown” Foundation in children's hospital wards

18.12 We donated to projects helping people in need, continuing our activities under the "Share a Pair!" banner! The socks went to organizations coordinating:
- assistance to people affected by the homelessness crisis (including Fundacja po DRUGIE),
- assistance to seniors (Fundacja Dobrych Inicjatyw)

24.12 We supported the campaign #PaczkaDlaSeniora:
- 4,000 pairs of socks were added to packages for economically excluded elderly people
- We handed over 300 Christmas Eve dinners to seniors in need while supporting local restaurants in 6 cities


Throughout 2020:

Thanks to you, we're constantly developing our "Share a Pair!" program! Follow our activities online and let us know what's really important to you.