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Fish socks swim in the aquarium

Basically all of us have our own method when it comes to sorting socks, right? Goldfish socks are sometimes thrown into a box separately or rolled up neatly. But they don’t always end up in a classic drawer with other colorful socks. Some sock fanatics go a step further and choose to put them in a sock aquarium. There they will feel good among other fish, even the big ones like whale socks. Others will think of this sock aquarium as a kind of art exhibition that showcases their best art socks too. Our colorful designs may not only be present on the feet. One can claim that fish socks can also have a cultural added value. Not only in the exhibited closet at home, but also outside on the ankles. If your goldfish is your favourite pet, you should have them around with you all day, and what better way to do that, then to wear goldfish socks.

Socks with fish are popular

The goldfish may come from the Far East, but it’s popularity has spread around the world over an entire millennium. Fish socks are considered to be the oldest pet that does not bring the owner any economic benefit. Now as well as then, they are a popular symbol of happiness and fertility in Japan and China. There aren’t many animal socks that have such high cultural significance. Even if our chicken socks pose the philosophical question What came first?, goldfish socks can help us make our biggest dreams come true. That’s because the Wish Fish can be understood as a talisman that carries us safely and happily to our goals. So you can already make a groundbreaking decision in the sock aquarium in the morning. Even if every day won’t be the happiest in life, small nuances – like a goldfish on your feet – can make all the difference.

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